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Seen here for the first time in July 2006 the SR replica by Brian Wheeler, just prior to its trip the following week to the Dutch Healey Club's  "Healey meets Le Mans" event 7/8/9 July 2006. built in about the same time as the Donald Healey Motor Co. built the original car from 'scratch'   -  i.e. 6 months! This is in fact a remarkable feat by Brian who using basically his own skills and that of his friend Colin to do the panel work, has built this car around modern running gear and incorporated many safety features not available in the 60,s

From every angle this is nothing short of a "stunning" design, comparable with anything built prior or later for Le Mans, and with the smallest of budgets, achieved a great deal for the Donald Healey Motor Co albeit as the XR37 - in 1970 !! see picture below.

The car was received at Le Mans with amazing response, and the trip via Dieppe and back turned heads every where the car was seen. No doubt it will get even greater reviews at Silverstone Classic July 28-30 later this month - watch this space.!!

The SR replica at its debut Le Mans Classic 2006 July 7/8/9 at the Dutch Healey

Owners Club stand.

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